Maps to the Soul


5x5 hours of exploration of your of Your Unique Dance

according to Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms® method

5 Saturdays / once a month from February to June / 1:30pm to 6:30pm in Nyon

90.- chf per workshop or 400.- chf the 5 workshops together (there will be another cycle from September to December if you cannot make it all on the 1st cycle).

You can come to each workshop seperately.

How we live our modern lives makes us regularly feel lost, disconnected, inauthentic and far from what really matters to us.

Finding a deeper meaning in our lives is often about reconnecting to what WE ALREADY KNOW and that we forgot while being psytracked in our frenzied and distracted lifestyles.

Spontaneous and free movement gives you access to the unique colors of your soul. It helps you inhabit your body with your unique, luscious, lively energy. It allows you to extract the juice of your divine essence and pour it - with abun-dance! - into your body: your earthly vehicle.

When you put your body in motion, you help the mind take its rightful place in your life: in the service of WHO YOU TRULY ARE and no longer in charge of it all.

For your soul to fully inhabit your body, there are maps or 5 steps you can take:

I invite you to "Maps to the Soul": a cycle of 5 one-day workshops spread over 6 months. If you are wishing to experience your soul, connect to this subtle and invisible space of your being - this series is for you. 

Joyleen, in service to your exploration…

My joy is to support people in reconnecting to their Soul. The more Soul there is in your earthly vehicle - your Body - the more you can live fully, unapologetically and courageously. While your Soul inhabits your Body and your Mind surrenders to the experience you can taste how it feels to be aligned and in a state of grace.

My aim is to create space and guidance for you to liberate your own unique dance and touch that feeling of deep gratitude for Life as it is, in the Here and Now. 

5Rhythms® Certified Teacher, I came here to take you to Unknown Lands: your own lands, the lands that your soul has chosen by incarnating here. Thanks to the 5Rhythms’ maps, the route to the hidden treasure will be made easier. 

Put your body in motion and your psyche will heal itself.” Gabrielle Roth

As soon as you put your body in motion you will be able to unwind and find space within yourself to return to what you think you had lost. 

You will create the path towards yourself and your soul so you’ll know how to return to it again. 

Practical information:

Registration with Joyleen Rao by email:



Rue de Saint-Jean 1, 1260 Nyon

(7 minutes from the station walking or parking right next to the room)


90.- chf per workshop (can be taken separately)

or 400.- for the 5 workshops (a second cycle will take place from the end of August to December 2024 if you are absent to one of the 5 workshops)


Payment by

Joyleen Rao

IBAN: CH66 0900 0000 1720 7007 1


Clearing no 09000

Adresse: Chemin des Rosiers 7, 1260 Nyon

There is no refund possible but the possibility of participating on another date of the following cycle.


1:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Doors open at 1 p.m. - come early so you can change, check in and so we can start on time together

February 17


Exploration of the Rhythm Flowing, earthly rhythm, maternal, round, feminine, slow.

Introversion - Exploration of the innate, the self, the inside.

Moving in a circular, organic way, listening to our needs, feelings... moving with a movement that starts from within, without forcing or pushing anything.

Learn to dance with roundness, in spirals and trust.

Develop my quality of listening to my body, develop my quality of presence to myself, to the here and now, to what emanates from me spontaneously.

Exploration of My Earth, My Body, exploration of each part of the body, separately, then together, connected to each other.

What is my body saying?

How each part communicates something unique to itself...

March 23


Exploration of Staccato rhythm, fire, the fiery heart, this passion that pushes us forward.

Engage in life, in a direction that is specific to you, with the movement.

Choosing courageously, trusting yourself and confronting the world.

What do I rely on in staccato? On my structure, on my bones, on my ability to stand up for myself and those around me.

I can also lean on my tribe and learn to be a good leader and a good follower.

Follow causes that speak to me, initiate fights that delight me and embrace my challenges to the fullest to shine my light in this world!

Be brave, be bold, be my fierce self !

April 13


Exploration of chaos rhythm, of the water element which liberates, which dissolves, which initiates us into the experience of letting go.

No longer wanting anything, no longer knowing anything, just letting the stories dissolve in the dance.

Free our heads for a moment. Release expectations, release the “musts”, the “have to’s”

Freeing our chains from the past, freeing the family stories that repeat themselves constantly, our karmic chains, our stories linked to the blood clan.

Let the body take care of it... simply set an intention and let the dance happen by stirring, shaking and letting the unexpressed come up without judging it or giving it attention...

Learn to let it happen...

May 18


Exploration of Lyrical rhythm, an air element which lightens, which relieves, which connects us to our true joyful essence, to our childlike innocence.

Taste the Grace of being alive, taste our emotions, whatever they may be, let them flow through us fully, without restraint.

Let ourselves be seized by the madness of the moment, by the flight into the lyrical and creative dimensions of our being.

Explore the voice as a bridge to our deep soul.

Having fun, frolicking, taking random steps, playing with all this seriousness that we have imposed on ourselves.

And fly… well anchored to the ground

June 15


Exploration of Stillness rhythm, eather element: SPACE.

The Space between things, the space between breaths, the space between each of our cells, the space between each of our steps.

Feeling One with all, with the perpetual breath of life within us.

Dance to find inner calm, to integrate into yourself everything that is happening in the moment.

Make peace with the emotions that pass through us. Dance them, give them shape in order to let them express themselves.

Feeling movement in stillness...

Let Life touch us, let the Presence pass through us. And return again and again to the moment, to the presence of the body, to the sensation, to the breathing.

What are the 5Rhythms?

5Rhythms is a form of movement meditation that was created by Gabrielle Roth in the 1970s. It is a dynamic practice that incorporates five different rhythms - flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness - to create a moving meditation that promotes self-expression, mindfulness, and emotional release.

The practice of 5Rhythms is based on the idea that every individual has a unique rhythm of movement and energy flow within them, and that by accessing and exploring this inner rhythm, we can gain greater insight into ourselves and our emotions. Each of the five rhythms represents a different energy and emotion, and participants are encouraged to explore and express themselves through movement and dance.

The flowing rhythm represents fluid, circular movements and a sense of surrender and letting go. Staccato is characterized by sharp, percussive movements and a sense of precision and focus. Chaos involves more chaotic, unpredictable movements and a sense of release and freedom. Lyrical involves more fluid and creative movements and a sense of joy and playfulness. Finally, stillness involves a sense of presence and mindfulness, with minimal movement.

The practice of 5Rhythms can be done individually or in groups, and it does not require any previous dance experience or skill. It is a practice that emphasizes self-expression, self-awareness, and the integration of mind, body, and spirit.