Your COSMIC Friday night rendez-vous ! 

Every Friday evening in Geneva, a different theme and a new creative energy based on the proposal of the facilitator, enriched by various approaches: 5Rhythms®, Dance Improv' with a Cacao Ceremony*, Ecstatic Dance, and more!

Let’s get Cosmic Ecstatic !

Planning 2024


5 April 

no class

12 April 

no class

19 April

5Rhythms® & Cacao Ceremony

Joyleen Rao & Talia

26 April 

Open Floor

Maud Massard-Friat


3 May


Griscia Hoch

10 May 


Joyleen Rao

17 May

Gaga People & Free Party

Céline Barreau & Joyleen Rao

24 May

Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony

Talia  (Tania Leïla)

31 May

Ecstatic Dance 

Joël Koenig aka Dj Josty


7 June


Griscia Hoch

14 June


Joyleen Rao

21 June 


with Adam Barley

(followed by a week-end workshop called REAL)

28 June

Ecstatic Dance & Cacao Ceremony with the Fantastik 4 

Sacha Nielsen, Joël Koenig, Talia et Joyleen Rao

In a Cosmic Space!

Gym Hall of EFP Saint-Gervais 

10 rue Bautte, 1201 Genève

(With a decoration that will make you travel in multiple dimensions !)

The building is a large hall located next to the school (not inside the school). It runs along the train tracks at the top. Enter through the parking area at the corner of Boulevard James Fazy and Rue de la Servette, facing the Cornavin bus stop. If you enter by Rue Bautte, go across the basketball court on the left hand side of the school building and the gym right here at the end.


CHF 30.- Normal Price

CHF 25.- Reduced Price 

(students, elder and jobseekers

CHF 40.- Support Price

10 classes cards are available for CHF 250.-

Valid a Year and works also for the Magic Sundays

If you take Cacao* : + CHF 10.- (please subscribe)

These activities are open to everyone, without distinction of age or level. No need to know how to dance or to have any experience!

Just come in comfortable clothing (sports or yoga wear) and with a water bottle. We dance barefoot or in indoor shoes. Children and teenagers are welcome as long as they can remain silent for two hours.

*For the cacao, we recommend coming on an empty stomach or with a light stomach (e.g., drink a fruit juice) in order to fully enjoy the beneficial effects of the cacao (opening of the heart, a sense of expansion, joy, emotional release, etc.).