A Collective of Free and Conscious Dancers

celebrate, explore, sublimate, purify, open, receive, observe, listen, feel, heal, liberate, transcend

Our Mission ? 

To offer space for connection to yourself and others, expression and transformation through free and danced movement. 

We offer every week either the 5Rhythms®, either Dance Improvisation with a cacao ceremony*, either Ecstatic Dance.

Join us every Friday evenings in Geneva for the Cosmic Fridays et every Sunday morning for the Magic Sundays in Nyon !



Every Friday from 7pm to 9.30pm



Every Sunday from 10:30am to 1:30pm

The Tribe 

(And we have some surprises as well !)

Joyleen Rao

Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher and spiritual coach specialised in professional metamorphosis, Joyleen helps people live a life aligned with their heart, body, and spirit.

Since 2015, she has been building the dance community in Geneva and since 2020 in Nyon, offering weekly sessions.

Joyleen holds sacred spaces to facilitate access to the colors of our soul and a deep connection to oneself through free and conscious movement.


Talia (Tania Leila)

Wellness instructor, facilitator of Dance Improvisation and Ecstatic Dance, Tania leads rituals, women's circles, cacao ceremonies, and creates sacred spaces through decoration and Feng Shui.

Her mission is to guide you in experiencing the sacred harmony "Within oneself, at home and in connection with the world."


Joël Koenig

Passionate about music and deejaying, Joël began his first DJ performances in Lausanne clubs starting in the 1990s. Gradually, he stepped away from the nightlife scene to focus on conscious practices and trained in "Ecstatic Dance."

With his musical sensitivity and the desire to provide spaces for authentic sharing, he created a new dance concept in collaboration to facilitate gatherings guided by the pursuit of sensory pleasure and tantric dance. 


Griscia Hoch

As a certified 5Rhythms® Teacher and a graduate in several bodywork techniques, yoga, and breathwork, Griscia aims to impart the value of living as authentically as possible.

According to him, the regular practice of conscious and free dance is what enables each of us to reconnect with our spontaneity, mental and physical flexibility, and the mysteries of life.

He also guides individuals to find their foundation in their being as a professional coach.


Sacha Nielsen

Also known as DJ Unity, Sacha is the initiator of the Ecstatic Dance Vevey movement since 2018 and a co-creator of the "Association de danse libre du Léman".

As a DJ for 10 years, he has traveled the globe to draw inspiration from various practices and to be able to serve the community.

A lover of transformative music and the Art of Rituals, he organizes events in the Leman Lake region and beyond.


Our principles for the Dance

We come together to practice Conscious Movement practices.

We are drug- and alcohol-free.

We are adults responsible for our own wellbeing.

We are aware of and respect each others’ bodies and boundaries.

We touch only with mutual consent.

We dance barefoot, in grippy socks or soft dance shoes.

We avoid synthetic perfumes.

We turn our phones off.

We do not take photos/video or use Shazam.

We communicate using movement not words.

We participate, we do not spectate.

We start and end our dance journey together.

These activities are open to everyone, without distinction of age or level. No need to know how to dance or to have any experience!

Just come in comfortable clothing (sports or yoga wear) and with a water bottle. We dance barefoot or in indoor shoes. Children and teenagers are welcome as long as they can remain silent for two hours.

*For the cacao, we recommend coming on an empty stomach or with a light stomach (e.g., drink a fruit juice) in order to fully enjoy the beneficial effects of the cacao (opening of the heart, a sense of expansion, joy, emotional release, etc.).

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